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[TOPIC] Wearing uniforms is popular in schools, but some people argue that it might cause damage to children's individuality. What is your opinion?

[ESSAY]While it is not uncommon for students to wear uniforms as attending schools, some people believe that it might have an impact on their personalities. From my perspective, I totally disagree with this.

There is no doubt that the uniformity creates equality between members in any institutions of education. This, therefore, enables pupils to integrate with others regardless of their origins. On the contrary, if teachers give schoolchildren the freedom of dressing any styles of fashion, not only will it cause them to neglect the duty of study as their main concerns are to express themselves through the clothes, but also trigger jealousy in classes. Besides, while rich individuals swell with pride with things they wear, not to mention some of them are inappropriate, those in low-income families may have a sense of being unconfident and struggle to establish relationships with others.

People who harbor the view that wearing uniforms affects children’s individuality might argue that there exist other ways for adolescents to define themselves. For instance, by playing sports, showing a good ability of learning or taking part in clubs, students will expose their striking features. But, that is not to say that we should not encourage boys and girls to bring his or her favourite clothes to schools. Getting to put nice dresses on makes them more confident, which may give them the impetus to study better.

To summarize, it is essential for every learner to wear school costume. Nevertheless, we should alternate uniform days with non-uniform days in order to ensure that children feel comfortable and there should be rules of dressing on casual clothes day.  (268 words)
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