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In everyone's life, there's no doubt that there are both memories to be proud of and those to be embarrassed about. To me, the most shameful experience was after having dinner outside with my family, which surely will make my cheeks turn red when recalling. That was a brilliant weekend, so as to relax after a hard-working week, we decided to eat outside at our favorite noodles' restaurant. At that time, my father had also just bought a car and we came over to the eating place with it. I love our new car, nevertheless, among my family members, I am the only to be unable to learn by heart the car's numbers or its size and features. Being quite silly, all the cars take after each other in my point of view. Back to my story, after having a delicious meal in the restaurant, we made up our mind to move to a cafe to have some drinks. And hilariously, I went towards a silver car without realising it wasn't ours, which has the same color and my parents' laughters. Morever, I even opened the cardoor and nearly got in. Its owner put his hand on my shoulder and said:''Girl, are you sure to go home with me?" and laughed greatly. No sooner had he finished his words than I realized all the stupid things I was doing. My cheeks turned red immediately. I apologized to him and quickly got in our actual car like nothing had happened before. It was too embarrassing for me to chat relaxingly with my family after that. It was a memorable experience. What I learnt that day was to be more careful with what I do to avoid other ashaming things.

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