The graph below shows the average number of UK commuters travelling each day by car, bus or train between 1970 and 2030
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The line graph presents the amount of commuters travelling every day by three kinds off transport from 1970 to 2030 in the UK.

Looking at the details, the number of travellers working by car experienced an increase from just over 5 million in 1970 to 9 million in 2030. Similarly, with the exception of a stability between 2000 and 2010, the number of city workers travelling by train kept rising until it reaches a peak of about 5 million in the final year.

In contrast, the average number of UK commuter s travelling by bus fell steadily although it was the second most popular type of transport in 1970. This downward trend was predicted to fall continuously to the lowest point at less than 3 million in 2030. By comparison, the dramatic upward trends were foreseen both of car and train daily user, which were expected to reach a peak in 2030 at about 9 million and 5 million respectively.

Overall, while the figure for passengers travelling by car and train went up gradually, the quantity in bus decreased significantly over the period.

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Bài của bạn có một số lỗi như sau: 

- 3 millions, 5 millions, 9 millions

- Line 1: the amount number of commuters -> Bạn chú ý the amount of chỉ dùng với danh từ không đếm được thôi nhé

              three kinds off of transport

- Line 3: the number of traveller working by car the number of people travelling to work by cars -> Câu này của bạn không có nghĩa nhé

- Line 5: the number of city workers travelling by train kept rising until it reaches a peak of predicted to reach a peak of

- Line 8: second most popular type mode/mean of transport

- Line 9: lowest point at less than

              the dramatic upward trends were foreseen both of car and train daily user -> Câu này bạn viết lủng củng quá, nênviết là There were foreseen upward trends in the figures for car and train

- Line 12: gradually -> Nó không hẳn đi kiểu gradually nhé bạn

                the quantity in  that of

Bài bạn mình sẽ cho 5 nhé ạ, lần tới bạn nên dành thời gian 2-3 phút sau khi viết bài kiểm tra lại spelling

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