Ielts task 1 - line graph - The graph below shows the average number of UK commuters travelling each day by car, bus or train between 1970 and 2030
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The line graph compares the daily travel of commuters using three different transportations during 1970 to 2030.
It is clear that car had the highest number of people using and increased through the years. Furthermore, travelling by train observed a moderate growth while bus transportation witnessed a notable decline.
In 1970, car travelling had the highest number at five million people while it was four million by bus and under three million by train. Over the following 30 years, the commuters ride by car and train gradually grew by around one million but the figure for riding by bus mildly fell.
By 2030, workers travelling by car will increase to its peak at 9 million people and train is likely to markedly bounce to over four million passengers. In contrast, commuters travelling by bus are predicted to drop under three million people.
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