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The two pie graphs illustrate the proportion of energy consumption by various items and its resulting emissions of gases in an average household in Australia.
From an overall respective, it can be seen that heating and water heating are the most essential systems which are used in this country, while the opposite trends were true for cooling, lighting, and refrigeration.
As for power use, the percentage of heating and water heating are highest, at 40% and 30% respectively. In contrast, the figure for other appliances makes up 15%, which is rough twice as much as the rate of refrigeration. 4% household strength is used for lighting, in comparison with half of it for cooling.
On the other hand of gas emissions, the rate of water heating is still highest in the chart, with 32%, which is almost double with the refrigeration and heating. The second-largest amount of emissions comes from other appliances, about 28%. The data for cooling and lighting is the same, under 10%.
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