Bài ielts task 1 cambridge 14 test 1 - The chart below shows the average percentages in typical meals of three types of nutrients, all of which may be unhealthy if eaten too much.
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The pie chart gives data on the average intake of 3 nutrients in different meals of the US citizens.

Overall, Added sugar is the most consumed nutrient found in snacks while the amount of sodium and saturated fat appears mostly in the dinner. Strikingly, regardless of the different types of nutrients, the excessive consumption of any particular one may do more harm than good.

In terms of added sugar, this mineral accounts for the largest amount in snacks which is nearly two times higher than in the dinner. Breakfast and lunch supply the least amount of added sugar with the former percentage is 16% and the latter is 19%, together accounting for just one-third of the chart.

Turning to the two other types of nutrients, it is noticeable that people consume the largest amount of sodium and saturated fat in the dinner with the figures of 43% and 37% respectively. Lunch is shown to be the runner-up containing these two minerals with a percentage of nearly 30%. The amount of sodium found in snacks and breakfast shares the same percentage of 14% while the amount of saturated fat contained in snacks exceeds that appearing in breakfast by 5%

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