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The table below shows the production of cacao beans in six regions between 1992 and 1998.

  The given illustration of the table depicts information about the manufacture of cacao beans in 6 different nations from 1992 to 1998.

Overall, it is evident that Asia and South America made up the highest amount of cacao bean, followed by Oceanic. Additionally, cacao bean production figures in the remaining continents were quite erratic, with Africa producing the lowest volume.

By carefully studying the table, Asia production underwent the most consistent growth, with an increasing zeal from 119000 tons to 436000 tons in seven years’ time. South American’s proportion remained higher than Asia’s data between 1992 and 1994, which accounted for 143000 tons and 140000 tons respectively. Although there was a slight decrease to 112700 tons in 1996, the production of South America then experienced a significant recovery in 1998.

Looking at the details, there was a similarity between Asia and Oceanic, both had an upward trend. The annual number of cacao beans was produced increased steadily, as a result, cacao bean production in Oceanic ranked third position in 1998. Meanwhile, not only Africa and England but also North and Central America continents witnessed fluctuations. However, figures for production in Africa were comparatively low, with all figures under 45000 tons, except in 1996 where the figures reached approximately 120000 tons.
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