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With an ever increasing number and an acclerating rate of technological development, it is currently unfeasible to guarantee jobs for everyone, especially for young people. Therefore, it is a must to adapt some soluble practices and change our mindset of the issue.


Firstly, in terms of technological advances, types of machines have come to life which either partly save people’s energy from strenuous work or, in the worst cases, replace men in the whole economic process. On the one hand, this brings about positive outcomes since it serves best production which meets high demand of any society. On the other hand, however, it turns out to be somehow destructive to job opportunities because using high technology seems more productive andt lucrative for entrepreneurs. Technological applications should hence be taken place in dangerous field of work such as those with high radioactive or chemical exposure, mine clearance in battlefields and so on.


Secondly, unemployment also arises from human beings. This could be explained by a compilation of demography, job distributions and irrationality of education. In the first place, governments play a major role in controlling population so as to balance the ratio of labours with job offers. Second of all, professional opportunities had better be equally handy from city centers to remote areas. Consequently, this possibly leads to better crime prevention, traffic management besides sorting out massive layoffs. Last but not least, there should be a long-term educational strategy which teaching and training must go hand-in-hand with actual job demand in the society. Besides, schooling programs need to be more practical to boost the chance of winning a job for postgraduates.


However, these are circumstantial resolutions which probably prove partially effective. Above all, there should be a reform of traditional concepts of vocational options. As many people have conventionally thought that the most prerequisite consideration of choosing a job is how well-paid it is, this rationale is, by itself, however, too materialistic no matter how true it is. In my opinion, job applicants should also take into account of their actual interests, capability, qualification and vocational compatibility, for only a reason, these are factually key determinations of job stability.


In general, this issue has long been a testing equation and surely it will not be solved within a short time. However, with these presented ideas, hopefully, it will become less intense years to come.   

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