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It is true that a growing percentage of criminal are teenagers. Reasons for this vary, and solutions can be adopted to tackle the problems.


Firstly, several young people do not have access to education. This acts as a precursor to the unemployment in the future due to the lack of knowledge and skills. Without being educated and being unemployed, these people are likely to commit a crime, for example, a robbery to maintain their life.


Secondly, the legal systems in some countries are less severe to those who are under the age of eighteen. One detrimental effect of this is that the odds of wrongdoing done by young people may rise. For instance, in Vietnam the most severe purnishment for a serious teenager killer is to be sent into prison instead of being sentenced to death like an adult do.


However, a wide range of available options can be used to combat the issue. One of the mesure would be that the lawmakers should enforce the more strict laws. This could be an effective method to cope with young offenders since these people will think about the purnishment they may received before breaking the law. Another remedy would be that the governmet should ensure the access to education for low social classes. Tuition fees reduction could be a catalyst for the impairment in the percentage of uneducated people in the society, in turn make the crime rate to fall.


In conclusion, various solutions can be taken to depose of the problem that certainly arise when crimes are commited by juvenile people.
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