Essay topics: This table shows the class numbers by level at Mother Tongue Language School. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features.
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The table gives information regarding the number of students attending to seven different level classes at the Mother Tongue Language School.

In general, the number of students in intermediate and pre-intermediate classes is substantially higher than in other classes, whereas proficiency classes and advanced classes have the fewest.

Looking at the detail, the most popular class is Intermediate, which has 200 students. Moreover, it is twice as popular as the Pre-intermediate class, which has 100 students. Ranked in third place is Elementary level class in which the number of students is less than the Pre-intermediate class by 10 students.

Upper-Intermediate class, which has only a half of one hundred students, is ranked fourth. The Biginner class follows with 30 pupils in attendance. Advanced and Proficiency are at the bottom of the list. These classes have the smallest number of students, each with only 25 pupils.
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