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The given bar chart illustrates the ways that commuters used to travel to work in a city in New Zealand from 1996 to 2006. 

It is obvious that private vehicles are the most common means of transport for traveling to work during the period given. Also, there were upward trends that could be seen in the figure for company vehicles, public buses, and bicycles.

In 1996, people going to work by private car or truck accounted for half of the employed workers, which was about five times higher than the data for company vehicle and home-workers. It dropped by just over 10 percent by the year 2006, remained the highest percentage. Following the same trend, there are slight declines in the proportion of employees working at home, walking or jogging, going by train, motorcycle or other forms of transport with mere amounts under one in ten.

In contrast, workers traveling to work using company vehicles increased significantly from nearly 10 percent to about 15 percent. As it presented, the upward trend could also be witnessed in the figure for the public bus with over 10 percent and bicycle with approximately 10 percent in the year 2006.

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