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The bar chart illustrates the percentage of transport preference in young generation in the US, UK, France and Italy in a single year.

Overall, the most favored type of transportation in most countries is car, with the exception of France. Also of note is that the proportion of young Italy people who prefered car in this year is highest, and Italy also record widest gap among the figures for motocycle and two other vehicles.
Regarding Italy, while the proportion of car preperence was nearly 75% in the year, the figures for motorcycle were significantly lower, at about 8% and 10%, respectively.
Turning to to US and UK, these countries had the same percentage of people who were in favored of car (60%). The lowest figure for this kind of vehicle was found in France, at only 40%. However, out of the four countries, the percentage of young people prefering biking was noticebly higher in this countries, reflecting that young generation here are more likely to become environmentally- concious.
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