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The maps illustrate the development in the outskirts of the town of Fosbury from 1980 to 2015. 

Generally speaking, the changes show the improvement of this area from a residential to a more industrial region during 35 years. 

As we can see, the most remarkable alternation is the addition of a traffic roundabout in the centre of the suburb which replaced a block of flats and Gorce’s Shop. Yet, houses and a hotel in the Northside remained in the same location in 2015 as in 1980. 

            In the East, terraced houses were displaced to the opposite side, where a public garden was located, then a car park and a supermarket were constructed instead. The vacant land beside the old park in 1980 was changed to a new park. 

            In the West, one tennis court was modernized to become a sports centre and a car park was substituted for the other. Besides, a large field was superseded by warehouses.

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