The charts below show how selected age groups bought concert, cinema, and theater tickets online over the first three months of 2013 in three countries and how the Internet was accessed.
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The bar charts depict the percentage of diverse age groups purchasing concert, cinema, theatre tickets online during the first three months of 2013, common internet access in the UK, Australia, Malaysia.

       In general, it is apparently observed that people in the  25-44 age group tended to buy online tickets. Additionally, the desktop computer was the dominant access in both three countries.

       It is noticeable in the first chart, people who were 25-44 in Australia and the UK showed an equal proportion of buying online tickets, at 50%, followed by 40% of whom in Malaysia. In terms of individuals aged over 65, the figure was approximately 50%, compared with roughly 40% of Malaysian and Bristish.

      When it comes to the second chart, the desktop computer was the most popular means of access in three various nations, especially in Malaysia with more than 65%. Regarding laptops, the data for Malaysia and Australia were relatively similar, about 45%, compared to 30% of the UK. However, purchasing tickets on mobile phones witnessed a lower number, around 30% of Malaysian and over 20% of British and Australian.
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