The graph below shows the number of enquiries received by the Tourist Information Office in one city over a six-month period in 2011.
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The line graph compares the number of enquiries a specific Tourist Information Office received via 3 different channels from January to June 2011.

Overall, whilst the amount of questions brought up in face-to-face communication and telephone increased significantly by the end of the period, asking questions through mailing platforms became less favoured over the months. It is also clear that direct communication was the most preferred way of asking information tourists in June, despite having the lowest figure initially.

In January, around 900 questions were obtained through telephone, compared to nearly 800 and 400 enquiries received through letter/email and direct asking, respectively. The figures for telephone, however, dipped slightly the next month, before rising back to 1000 in March. It was then followed by an another growth of 600 enquiries in the lattter half of the period to 1600 questions in June. In-person questions also followed a similar pattern, with its figure skyrocketing to roughly 1900 questions in June, the highest figure among the three channels.

In contrast, mailing services witnessed an opposite trend. After remaining unchanged at 400 enquiries for 3 months, the figure halved to only 350 enquiries in May and levelled off until the end of the timeframe.

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