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     Some people think that schools should reward students who show the best academic results, while others believe that it is more important to reward students who show improvements.  Discuss both views and give your own opinion. (400-600 words.)

   There has been argued whether the best results pupils should be awarded or those who make nonstop betterment. Although it is often stated that excellent students are more rewardable for their consequent, I firmly believe that average or weak students should be recommended to deserve incentives because of their effort.

    On one side of the argument, some people maintain that high-achievers have tried more than others. At first, Being considered as the heroes of studying, they tend to spend most of the time learning which means leisure time for recreation and hobby will be lessened. Regularly, they start a day with lessons and end up a day with homework, no movies, no games, no talk and no time for discovering what they really into. Furthermore, taking into account as a straight-A student, they have been under immense pressure and lead a sedentary lifestyle, which easily damaged their healths such as back pain, sigh-sighted, migraines and headaches, depression, personality disorders, et cetera. In this way, they are unwillingly to engage in outdoor activities hence a great number of excellent students are more likely to being lack of useful social skills. For all these reasons below, not only keep trying to get the best score at school but they also learn how to deal with stress all the time, keys to manage time efficiently and strike a balance between study and leisure. Hence, many reputation schools publish student's results and give rewards to the best academic performance person to encourage them and motivate others.

    On the other hand, I do not think these kinds of arguments stand up to scrutiny as I believe that those who show a marked improvement should be highly recommended to be praised. The first obvious reason is middle-class pupils take more time to go in the right way. It is an apparent fact that high- score students are on the right track at the beginning, all they have to do is work hard. However, weak and average students have difficulty recognizing whether they are on the right track or not which consider as a time-consuming task because they have failed many times to search for the most suitable ways. Besides, those who try with neither expectable results nor incentives tend to give up more than those who surround themselves with encouragement. Research has found that the life expectancy of adolescents is more likely to decrease rapidly, without a sign of reduction, because they have tried for a long period of time but people rarely support them or even say a simple sentence "You are doing good. Keep working." How they can put all effort when no one appreciates it?

    Taking everything into consideration, there are strong arguments for and against awarding excellent students. Nevertheless, I maintain my original position that non-stop improvement pupils should be the ones who granted the reward. HIGH-achievers need encouragement but brave people who get out of their comfort zone to show remarked changes deserve more. 

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