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Essay topics: Some people think that people who choose a job early and

keep doing it are more likely to have a satisfying career life than those who frequently change jobs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The subject of whether keeping a job or switching jobs regularly gives more career satisfaction is a matter of much debate.In my opinion, although regular alternations in occupation bring about many advantages, choosing a job early and keeping it would give people a greater sense of fulfilment.

On the one hand, benefits of changing jobs often are various. Firstly, people who often change their jobs have chance to get an expose different systems and metholodies and hence add more variety to their skill sets. It would be easier for job hoppers to complete the tasks at work and even deal with unexpected situations as they are experienced and competent, which leads to a great sense of fulfilment. Secondly, switching jobs often give people the opportunities to take up new challenges and stay interested. Many people feel bored with repetitive and familiar tasks at workplace; therefore, experiencing various working environments enables them to challenge themselves in order to stay motivated and stay satisfied.

Despite the merits of occupation switch, there are strong reasons why commitment to a firm occupation for a long time is beneficial to employees. The principal reason is that remaining on a particular career path for a long time may allow workers gain access to specific job benefits that reserved for long-time staff. This could include bringing about  the chance of being promoted, getting higher pay increases and various perks such as sick leave, holiday entitlement and yearly bones. In addition to job benefits, it is easier for people who continue and pursue with a particular career choice to create a strong and long-lasting work relationships.If employees have a strong connection with their colleagues, not only their working life will be pleasant and comfortable but also they may enjoy the supportive long-term partners, which could boost the growth in productivity.

In conclusion, I believe that in spite of the excitement that changing jobs entails, staying with the same career for a long time is more likely to bring a satisfying career life.

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