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TOPIC: In some cultures the old age is highly valued, while in some cultures youth is highly valued. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
People have different views about the values of the elderly youngsters. Personally, I believe that both of them should be valued equally, since they all significantly contribute to the community and country as a whole.
On the one hand, the seniority is mostly appreciated for their abundance of knowledge and wisdom. They are well-experienced and mature, so young generation tend to gain life lessons from their grandparents or great-grandparents. Furthermore, it is obvious that the old keeps a huge number of valuable customs and traditions, therefor, they can be considered to play a key role in preserving and upholding cultural identity. Another key point is that many aged citizens used to devote their lifetime to later generations. For instance, we often see senior people worked as soldiers, doctors or firefighters when they were young.
On the other hand, some countries put a great deal of emphasis on young people because of their energy and activeness. Compared to the old, teenagers are more enthusiastic and more willing to take risks. Accordingly, many of them have become great leaders and led the countries to a brighter future through their talents. Besides, in this modern era, some hi-tech fields such as Computer Science or Information Technology are becoming popular, and youngsters are the ones who can develop and boost the economy of a nation by learning about these majors. Finally, these days, young citizens seem to be financially comfortable and therefore engaging voluntary work for the sake of the whole community.
In conclusion, due to the aforementioned ground, I strongly believe that the youth and the old should be respected equally as both generations have brought a number of dedications and abilities to the development of the society and the nation.


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