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The line compares the figure for C02 emissions per persion in four capitals, namely UK, Sweden, Italy, Portugal betwen 1967 and 2007.

As can be seen, C02 dispose per persion in UK is forecasted to drop to around 9 tonnes by 2007. There was a 2 tonnes dip in C02 release throughout rate over 5 years. As for Sweden, C02 emission experienced a increase from just around 9 tonnes to around 10 tonnes in 1977. Despite rapid growth rate over 2 years, Sweden remained one of the four strongest decline.

Interestingly, C02 release per persion in Italy showed growth of 3,5 tonnes betwen 1967 ang 1997. From 1997 on ward , the figure for  C02 expelling in Italy levelled off . To begin with, Portugal's figure rose from 1 tonnes to 5 tonnes betwen 1967 and 1997. After 1997, this was followed by a marginal increase from 1997 to 2007.

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