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It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sports or music, and others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sport person or musician. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

People believe that when a child was born, he has his own talents. Nevertheless, there are some opinions that any child can be a person of many talents if they are taught properly. Personally, I agree with the latter because every child is the same and they can be successful if they themselves work hard.

First, it is true that there are some childern have natural talents so they do not need to train much. That is why several people can compose a song or play a musical instrument easily without the help from experts while others cannot be as good as them despite practicing for a long time. In fact, environments and parents play important roles for that. For example, a child can play football well thanks to the surroundings which he always see his father or his neighbors playing football regularly. Besides, if a child has been affected from his parents who are artists since he was given birth to, then he finds it easy to draw a picture that none of his friends can do that.

Notwithstanding, I hold the views that anyone can become a famous musician, a sport player or any job they are pursuing although they do not have any innate talents. In order to achieve a recognition, they have to experience a countinuous training plus patience and ambition. For example, my cousin had wanted to study aboard but he was not good at English. Because of the big dream, he was trying his best to develop his skills, willing to stay up late to complete that he had planned. As a result, he finally managed to get a schoolarship and went to America later on.He did such a great thing that several students who had the talent of learning languages at a very young age could not do as him.

In short, it seems to me that any kid can do what he wants providing that he trains and practices a lot despite the argument.

Thank you for reading and checking my essay!


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latter: nếu chỉ any child can be a person of many talents if they are taught properly thì 2 câu trước phải gộp thành 1. Tránh dùng từ này vì dễ gây khó hiểu.

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bài viết hơi dài, rút ngắn những phần không support trực tiếp cho luận điểm ở 2 body.

Theo bạn, bài viết này được bao nhiêu "chấm" ?
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Mình viết như vầy được không: Opinions are divided on whether just a child who has innate talents is successful or ay child can get achievements once they are properly taught. Personally, I argee with the latter although the other oe has some right points.

Update: Từ 30/4 Điểm bạn tích lũy được trên CWMP sẽ dùng để đổi quà (vé xem CGV (100 điểm/1 vé, thẻ cào điện thoại 150 điểm/thẻ 50k, khóa học IELTS Online (300 điểm/khóa 3 tháng)
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