Mọi người giúp em sửa bài với ạ, em đang tập viết task 2. Mọi người sửa thì cho em xin band ạ. Em cám ơn ^^
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Task 2: Some education systems make students focus on certain subjects at the age of 15, while others require students to study a wide range of subjects until they leave school. What are the benefits of each system? Which is better?

The 15-year-old students in some educational institutions may be forced to concentrate on studying some specific subjects. However, other learning systems ensure pupils gain a variety of subjects’ knowledge before graduation. Those might have their own advantages, while it seems to be that the positive aspects of various subjects studied are not more likely to outweigh that of exact curriculums in school.

On the one hand, one argued that studying selected subjects would be a basis for their future career. This means young people are only obligated to experience some core courses such as English, literature or math and other curriculums chosen to support their desired occupation. By being taught at an early age, adolescence in school might be able to gain the in-depth knowledge of such study, and have a further development or research contributed to the worldwide understanding. Furthermore, were a minority of academic subjects in studying systems to be activated, these students would utilize their leisure time for physically enhanced sports or for interacting and taking part in group work activities which effectively enhance their ability including communication and teamwork skill or leadership.

On the other hand, the diversity of subjects learned, might provide extensive information about human’s life such as culture. Specifically, even if pupils may have difficulty in being educated in that way, they could have opportunities to discover many issues surrounding and be aware of their interests in order to job’s decision. Besides, several culture-related curriculums would be explored such as history or geography, this leads to a sense of pride in their nation. For example, even though Vietnam is just a small-sized country, it used to defend against multiple outer attacks .

In conclusion, the low number of subjects in school systems will create a premise for their career path, while the other supports students to acknowledge culture and decide their occupation in the future. However, the former seems to be the better choice with the more valuable advantages.

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