Some people think that a return to traditional medicine should be encouraged. To what extent do you agree?
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More and more people are suffering from health problems caused by a modern life style which cannot be treated with modern medicines. Some people think that a return to traditional medicine should be encouraged. To what extent do you agree?

In recent years, the number of people who have untreated health problems with modern treatment due to their lifestyle is increasing. While there is an idea that traditional medicine should be applied to these people, I partly agree with this idea
On the one hand, there are several benefits traditional medicine brings that modern ones do not have. We can see that this kind of medicine is made mostly by herbs or vegetables and does not contain chemical ingredients which could make people get allergic. Therefore, it can be seen as safe for everyone. For example, Bo Phe, a Vietnamese medicine that makes from some special ingredients that come from a mountainous area, helps people a lot with their coughing-condition 
On the other hand, there are plenty of methods that could be used to deal with modern health problems. Firstly, some problems only exist only in the current day and as a result, traditional medicine is not the cure for these. For instance, present-day people usually deal with a heavy workload, which can lead to stress and this can be cured by psychological counseling. Secondly, many modern people are lack exercise and follow a diet that contains a high level of fat or sugar, which makes them prone to risk of obesity and heart disease. For that, the government is responsible for raising public awareness by showing the drawbacks of these bad habits.
In conclusion, we can see that to cope with a modern-day health problem, there are either traditional medicine or other treatment likes psychological counseling that can be used.
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