Advertising are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Some people say that advertising has a positive impact on our lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
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These days, advertising is more and more popular. It is believed that it brings many benefits to our life and I agree with this opinion because of its impact on the economy and employment.


On the one hand, the rapid boom of advertising can cause many detrimental. To begin with, advertisements can manipulate people by exaggerating images and products. As a result, people will waste lots of money to purchase something that is not necessary because it will make them happier. For instance, some well-known brands use glamorous, famous influencers to attract people to buy their products since people have a tendency to imitate their idols and believe in them. Furthermore, children can easily be affected and spoiled by advertisements. Many marketing campaigns are targeted at kids so children will put pressure on their parents to buy them things. If parents pamper them so much, they will become dependent and effortless.


On the other hand, from my viewpoint, advertising can bring more advantages. Firstly, Advertising is a key part of modern business. This is because companies need to tell clients about their products and services and advertisements are a good way to spread their information. Therefore, not only companies can sell more products but customers also have more choices. Secondly, without advertising, there would be higher unemployment. The reason is that advertising is a creative industry that employs many people to complete a large amount of work. On top of that, advertisement is also becoming a huge labor market because of its high salary and potential opportunities. If advertising disappears, many people will lose their jobs and companies will not be able to create demand for their products.


In conclusion, although advertising can have many disadvantages, I will completely agree that advertising can contribute a lot to business and people.



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