Bài IELTS Task 2 ngày 8/9 - It is neither possible nor useful to provide university places for a high proportion of young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
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Some people might argue that furnishing tertiary education for almost all young people is not possible or useful. Personally, I definitely agree with these ideas and will outline some reasons in the essay below.

Firstly, having a university degree no longer has a vital role in the future of young people in this knowledge-based society. This might be explained by the fact that vocational training is gradually more popular among young people because it enhances employment opportunities as well as job security upon completion. In other words, students of vocational education can focus on cultivating interpersonal, team working, and practical skills instead of merely teaching theoretical knowledge in the university. Furthermore, if everyone could get admitted to college, it would lead to imbalances in the workforce that would greatly damage the economic structure of a country. This is because there is little chance that university graduates would choose blue-collar jobs over the jobs that they are qualified for such as work in factories, or manual jobs in general.

Secondly, it is impossible to provide almost all young people with access to tertiary education. For example, in Vietnam, the demand for entering higher education never ceases to grow, which puts the government in dilemma. This means that authorities could risk allocating their resources and face a financial predicament, especially exorbitant education costs in financially independent universities like RMIT university. In addition, it is simply unrealistic to accommodate a sudden increase in the number of students. To be specific, most departments are currently short-staffed as well as insufficient facilities and infrastructure for study.
In conclusion, the provision of academic education for almost all young people is not possible and useful in a knowledge-based society. While higher education can be a great necessity for some students, vocational education will be far more dominant in the future.
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