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Over the past few years, different views about whether it is necessary for them to engage in extra activities have been aggressively debated. From my perspective, I believe that activities apart from educational process are crucial as they yield considerable benefits for students. However, deep concentration should be on education.

 To begin with, several stress-related disorders suffered by students mainly derive from spending their full-time studying. To be specific, the more effort they devote, the more expectation for their academic performance, and thus, they would be under pressure and vulnerable to fall into depression, leading them to stress and in the worst scenario which is suicide. Furthermore, students who bury themselves in books are likely to have little or no friends since they do not take part in social events. Therefore, these individuals tend to have long-term psychological problems like autism. What is more, sitting in a desk for hours to do homework reduce undergraduates to a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, they may suffer from obesity for not being active.
 In order to tackle those situations, physical activities can help them to be more vigorous and also equip them with interpersonal skills, such as teamwork or communication. In particular, it not only aids them in social interaction but also benefits them to adapt to new environments quickly. Thus, they would build up their network from friendship, which is intensely helpful for their future careers. Another factor worth mentioning is students would become desperately tired if they study constantly, yet drop with fatigue and lack energy which would possibly trigger off counterproductive repercussion. So, engaging in inter-school sports will refresh their both physical and spiritual health after being exhausted in grasping knowledge and consequently facilitate their later concentration in studying. 
 Nonetheless, putting appropriate time into extra activities does not mean that undergraduates should neglect their education, but it is their primary priority to focus on their professional performance. I am firmly convinced that student should take some reasonable time to involve in healthy activities due to the mentioned-above reasons but also avoid overindulgence in them.
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