The total number of minutes (in billions) of telephone calls in the UK
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The bar chart illustrates how many minutes people in the UK spent calling via telephone over seven years starting from 1995.
Overall, it is clear that making local fixed-line calls was most popular among the UK people throughout the period shown. The statistics also reveal that the number of minutes of National and International fixed-line calls and Mobile calls experienced an upward trend in the seven years.
Looking at the chart more closely, one can see that people spent almost 72 billion minutes making local fixed-line calls in the UK in 1995, nearly doubling the figure for national and international fixed-line calls. Subsequently, the amount of time of local fixed-line calls witnessed an increase of approximately 20 billion minutes, peaking at 90 billion in 1999.
In the last three years, fewer and fewer UK citizens preferred calling via local fixed-line, which led to a significant decrease to just above 70 billion in the number of minutes.
On the other hand, the growing tendency of making fixed-line calls nationally and internationally was witnessed in the UK, with the figure rising consistently to over 60 billion minutes by the end of the period. The number of minutes of Mobile calls underwent an even more drastic ascent, reaching almost 47 billion in 2002, thus narrowing the gap between it and the other categories.
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