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Task 2: Nowadays, many people cannot read or write. What problems does this cause? What measures can governments take to solve these problems?

Today, the illiteracy rates in some countries have been alarming. There are several reasons for this and some measures should be implemented in order to cure this problem.

To begin with, low literacy rates may stem from some reasons. First, learning opportunities are limited for upper classes in some developing countries. The small number schools cannot meet the demand of students. Besides, due to exorbitant tuition fees, only elites or noble families can afford to provide education for their offspring. By contrast, peasants or manual workers who have modest income are unable to let their children go to school. Second, this malady may result from ignorance of parents who are narrow- minded. From their perspective, going to school is not only a waste of time but also does not have any tangible results. Thus, they are not willing to squander extravagant expenses on tuition fees. This backward ideology gain popularity in remote or mountainous areas in Viet Nam, for example.

To tackle this problem, Government should instantly carry out some solutions. The first solutions is an increasing allocation of national budget for education. In particular, money should be spent on constructions of new facilities in remote areas and financial aids for disadvantaged students. Only by doing this can local authorities give the chances for students who crave going to school. Secondly, it is of great importance that Government should raise awareness of parents. Benefits of education must be disseminated widely so that it can solidify beliefs of people. Should thay comprehend this idea, they will facilitate their children’s learning, hence it can open greater future for them.

To sum up, awareness of people plays a decisive role in solving this problem. If the Government can raise the awareness and provide financial supports for people, this issue will certainly reduce to a large extent.
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