Full-time university students should spend a lot of time studying, but it is essential to be involved in other activities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
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People’s opinions differ as to whether or not students entering tertiary education should participate in other activities apart from studying. While I agree that it is important that they focus on their academic learning, I believe that investing time on extracurricular projects could also offer certain benefits.


There are several reasons why university students’ top priority is studying for better academic performance. The principle one is that they could achieve qualification related to their study area, which is essential for their future profession. For example, it is impossible to be a doctor, teacher or lawyer without a relevant degree. Academic qualification could also enable them to compete with other applicants for a good position, thereby having better job opportunities and higher salaries. On the contrary, if their test score is poor, they have to pay money on retaking the course, which is potentially expensive and stressful. Therefore, students in university should make efforts to achieve the best outcomes. 


On the other hand, some other activities, such as volunteering, taking part-time jobs or playing sports are also beneficial for university students. Firstly, this could definitely help them expand their network. To illustrate, by joining a cycling club, students can make new friends with people who share the same interest. Secondly, being involved in those activities could also counteract the effects of stress and anxiety, especially for students those who have to deal with too much school assignments. Taking volunteer work as an example. According to a recent research, being helpful by providing support to others will deliver immense pleasure. 


In conclusion, in my opinion, spend time studying and engaging in other activities are both advantageous for university students due to the aforementioned benefits.

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bài viết ổn nhưng góp ý tí whether or not- whether là có hay không nên không cần or not

In conclusion, in my opinion, in my opinion không nên cho ở đây

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