The chart shows the average class size in six countries and compares it with the world average class size in 2006.
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The bar chart illustrates the average numbers of students in a class in various country in 2006, compared with the world average.

Overall, it is clear that South Korea had the largest class sizes and that class sizes in primary schools were generally  smaller than lower secondary school.

It can be seen that there were approximately 34 students in primary school in South Korea, while the figure for the UK, Mexico and Denmark was roughly between 21 and 23 students. In addition, the number of students age 5 – 10 in Japan were 27, which as slightly higher than the world average of 26. In constrast, class size in primary school in Iceland reached at 15 students.

In term of lower secondary schools, the average class size in South Korea was 36              . The figure for students in a class in Japan and Mexico were 41. However, Denmark, Iceland were roughly between 19 and 17 students. The amout of class size in lower secondary school was 23, similar to the world average of 24.
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