Write an essay about the following topic. "In modern society, some people argue that schools become unnecessary as children can study at home via the Internet." Do you agree or disagree? .
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In modern society, it is said that schools has become insignificant on account that adolescents are able to approach online classes at home. From my perspective, I believe that traditional way of teaching brings about more benefits.

In the first place, online schools is not as effective as traditional schools. There is a fact that interaction between teachers and learners during offline classes is the key to achieve the supreme efficiency of every lecture. On the other hand, web-based classes might limit connection between two sides because students feel uncomfortable to give comments or ask questions about the lessons. Additionally, children may not find the lessons appealing as fewer interactive activities can be hold through virtual bases.

Furthermore, digital education causes problems concerning students’ self-discipline. Without teachers’ control; therefore, learners easily get distracted by things such as social media, games and other similiar things. Besides, cheating in examinations may happen. Examinees are capable of searching for solutions to questions. As a result, the outcomes are likely to be inaccurate and it is unfair to base on those scores to evaluate youngsters.

In summary, although it is undeniable that Internet makes a great contribution to education, I think that conventional teaching method is still superior compare to virtual learning.
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Thật ra là mình còn chưa được học bài bản cách triển khai bài á:) mình tự mò để viết thui à =)))

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