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In this day and age, the process of urbanization is instrumental in defining the prosperity of a country. Notwithstanding, it is exerting the development of many countries since it does bring up numerous demerits, one of which is crime.

To commence with, the crime rate has substantially escalated in recent years, which is ascribed to the proliferation of urbanization. Indeed, due to the monumental migration of citizens into big cities, the local administrators are unable to manage their residents. Hence, pick-pocketing and petty crimes occur so frequently that it has gradually become out of control. Additionally, for the sake of affording the prohibitive cost of living in these big cities, scores of unoccupied laborers commit crime. Last but not least, the proportion of juveniles becoming young offenders has witnessed an increase as a consequence of the deficiency in education. The aforementioned indications are explanations for the question why crime is being a widely-concerned issue.

In order to work out the problem, some feasible solutions can be applied. Firstly, governments should impose strict and reasonable policies to upgrade the living standard of the underprivileged as well as generate more jobs for the unemployed. For instance, they can encourage the development of economic sectors which require an abundance of labor, such as industry and service. Moreover, knowledge of criminal law needs to be extensively propagandized so that every citizen, especially the youngsters, will have a thorough grasp of it. Such manners will contribute to warding off crime commitments among city residents and lay the foundation for a safer living condition.

In conclusion, crime is one of the noteworthy problems originating from urbanization, which causes the living condition in big cities to deteriorate. Thus, governments ought to tackle the problem as soon as possible to enhance their citizens’ lives.

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