People have different views about maintaining cultural identity. Write an essay from 250-300 words to express your opinion.
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There is a fact that citizens in the contemporary scenario have a tendency to experience different cultures, therefore,  globalization has become a trend. People worldwide are likely to watch the same TV channels or films, listen to the same music, and enjoy the same food. That is why it is of significant importance for each individual to maintain their cultural identity.

There are various reasons why preserving the core values of cultures is crucial. To commence with,  the development of a strong cultural identity plays a decisive role in shaping the sense of belonging of each person. It helps to define ethnic groups or community that shares unique and distinctive features. Besides, cultural identity can connect people of similar backgrounds, remind them of their shared history and strengthen national solidarity. The power of cultural identity can encourage and motivate each individual to unite together in perilous situations. Most importantly, cultural identity can nurture the love and respect for a particular country in both adolescents and adults. This may result in increased awareness of supporting their community and conserving cultural heritage.

Another point worth seeing is that the disappearance of cultural identity can lead to cultural assimilation. Consequently, people will communicate with each other in a common language, for example, English. They may tend to wear the same kind of clothes or enjoy the same type of entertainment and the traditional festivals, music or dance will no longer exist. No one among us desires this event to happen. Hence, each individual must take action to preserve cultural identity to make the world a fascinating place.

A minor group of people continue to argue that conserving the values of their own culture has no use compared to purchasing after modern movements. Since they cannot support them in the journey to integrate into an unfamiliar society. Of course, this is true to some extent. Nevertheless, it is necessary to bear in mind that only people from the same cultural origin can support each other in common dangers. Furthermore, those who forget their worth of culture are unable to be welcomed by people of a new community.

In conclusion, preserving different aspects of culture is vital to all individuals, regardless of age and ethnicity. It supports us in the way to define who we are, encourages us to treasure what we possess, and  stimulate national pride in ourselves

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