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Some people say that economic growth is the only one way to end world poverty and hunger. Others say that economic growth is damaging the environment and should stop. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 


People hold widely different views on whether economic development is the only one way to deal with poverty and starvation or it is devastating the surroundings and should stop. Although economic advancement brings about certain benefits to people's living standard, I would argue that this tendency is harmful to the environment and some actions can be taken to tackle environmental issues.


On the one hand, it is undeniable that economic prosperity is indispensable for solving poverty and famine. To begin with, since the economy is on the rise, it brings about a lot of employment opportunities. To be more specific, more companies have been established and recruit a majority of workers, therefore they can meet their sales by increasing the number of products. As a result, it contributes to enhancing an individual's long-term financial well-being. Furthermore, when everyone can make ends meet, charity organizations can raise funds to help the homeless and solve starvation in many regions. If the growth of the economy remains steady, it would be tough for people to assist each other and overcome poverty and famine.


On the other hand, there are many reasons why economic enhancement has detrimental effects on natural habitats. First, to raise output, farmers are using more chemicals in fertilizers and factories are burning more fossil fuels. Thus, this would release emissions into the surroundings and cause air pollution, which negatively affects the quality of our lives. Second, it is clear that economic development has resulted in ever-increasing environmental problems. There are many lakes, rivers and seas without adequate pre-treatment. Consequently, marine life is put in danger, which means that the life of fishermen would be threatened. If businesses show concerns for environmental consequences, they would be willing to invest in environmentally friendly technology in order to minimize environmental problems.


In conclusion, while it is true that economic growth plays a crucial role in dealing with poverty and famine, I believe that its negative effects on nature are far more consequential. 

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