Many things can influence the academic achievement and emotional growth of a student. In this regard, peers have more of an impact than teachers do. do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
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Some people think that the school performance of students and their emotional maturation are affected by their classmates more than their teachers. I firmly agree with that opinion,  peers have more of an impact than teachers do.


First, the school performance of students can be developed in a competitive environment with their peers. The desire to be outstanding in class makes them practice hard and stimulates their motivations to study and improve. For instance, I was very bad at English, when I attended an English class 3 three years ago and saw my peers get a high score in the test, during I just got 4 points.  At moment, I had the feeling of peer pressure. And the pressure became my motivation, I started trying more, doing more exercises, and enhancing my English skill. This demonstrates that competition among peers plays an important role in enhancing students' academic results.


Second, peers have affected students through socializing. On the daily basis, among friends, we usually share things, storíe, ideas, etc than with teachers. This can help the student develop their emotional maturation and easily learn how to control the emotion. For example, when I have some problems in my life, my friends will be the first who I share about this and ask for advice. And the time I interact with my peers is always more than with my teachers. And, building relationships by spending time playing and talking with classmates is beneficial to children's emotional growth.


In conclusion, peers play an important role in improving their academic achievement as well as growing their emotional feelings.

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