Some people claim that the media has a negative influence on temporary society. They think that there is very little tolerance for new ideas because of ít impact. do you agree or disagree?
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it is a common belief that the general public is negatively affected by the current media leading to intolerance for brand-new ideas. However, I firmly believe that culture has been diversified by the positive influence of media because it provides knowledge and connects people through virtual communication.

To begin with, the media industry has evolved into different forms which allow people to get access to several sources of information. This would benefit them in getting a broad perspective towards other's opinions. For example, through the internet people from all over the world can reach the latest information from all walks of life. Thus they can broaden their outlook by understanding more about the traditions of other societies.

Morover, media also advances social interaction virtually among people from different cultural backgrounds. This is because social media  encourages people to voice their thoughts and create opportunities for content creators to develop their careers professionally. To examplify, Youtube is a  platform that welcomes everyone to join in . In this way, YouTubers can appeal to people with the same interests to create their own communities.
To conclude, the media brings people a variety of information and let us share our personal experience.
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