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In this developing society,competition or co-operation has an strong affect to children.While it is believe that children who has a sense of competition should be boosted,there is compelling evidence that childen should leran how to co-operate in learning environment to become useful adults.

There is a common belief that children should be encouraged to be more competitive.This is not entirely detrimental for childen because competition may help children improve their skills and also know new skills such as time management skill and many different skills that depend on its working environment.For instance,in several contests creating by parents,children who have a sense of competition will try their best to win at all costs and they may make specific plan for all process in order to against other opponents.Furthermore,if kids lose in any match,they will be more brave to face to challenges with their competitive spirit.In addition to this,these children make an attempt to get over difficulties to be the winner.

However,there are compelling reasons why children should improve co-operation skills instead of competition skills.One important reason is that kids who are usually ready for action will be easier to build several detrimental characters such as jealous,ambitious and so on.As a result,they may come up with many bad thinking that should not have been at their age.The another reason is that children who have a sense of co-operation will know how to progress their teamwork skills and to work more effectively than work individuals.In fact,they may improve their communication skill and have more relationships in learning or working environment that is essential thing for them at their recent age.

In conclusion,although some people think that competitive character is necessary for children,there are reasonable grounds that co-operation is more crucial than competitive for them to improve.It is recommended that kids should take part in types of activities as many as possible to better as well as learn life skills





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