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Some people argue that illegal Internet downloads have little or no impact on artists and the music industry. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?


The massive growth of the music industry results in numerous consequences, one of which is illegal Internet downloads. Although some people feel that such activities do not affect the people in charge, I opine that they would definitely bring significant damage to artists and also the music industry.  


To begin with, illegal downloads from the Internet impact directly on production studios who have made efforts with a view to accessing their accomplishments to the public through official authorized platforms. In reality, recording music consumes a huge investment fund among several associations; therefore, illegal downloading may potentially threaten their deserved incomes gained from the market once a music product is released. As a consequence, related parties like entertainment companies will gradually lose their business relationships and input sources, which will undoubtedly lead to unsustainable development in the music industry in the long run. 


In addition, illegitimate behaviour of downloading music products and spreading widely onto sophisticated websites also affect the people in charge such as the singers or composers with both financial and emotional detriments. For instance, due to personal profits, numerous counterfeit accounts reupload a famous singer’s music video onto their own channels, which will directly decrease the original one’s reaching range and revenue. Besides, this also discourages the artists who spend hours manufacturing good music for their audiences. Once wonderful songs are underappreciated and not able to collect their well-deserved recognitions, the music industry will become a sunset field due to lack of talents.


In conclusion, downloading music online without paying for it not only negatively impacts some individuals creating music products but also causes the whole industry to slow down and production studios and related parties will not survive in the future.

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