Nowadays people waste a lot of food that was bought from shops and restaurants. Why do you think people waste food? What can be done to reduce the amount of food they throw away?
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It is widely acknowledged that these days, a great amount of food bought from shops and restaurants is being thrown away irresponsibly. This tendency can be attributed to a host of reasons, and there are some workable solutions to cope with this.
To begin with, there are several reasons why food is being wasted. Firstly, the low cost of food is the culprit of the food waste problem. The rationale behind this is that people have increased both the quality and the number of their crops due to advanced agricultural technologies. As a result, the price of food in shops and restaurants has reduced significantly, which acts as a precursor of large quantities of food. Secondly, people mostly order food items more than they need. The justification for this is that they want to taste different delicious meals. Consequently, it becomes quite difficult for them to finish all ordered dishes, which could give rise to food throw away.
In order to address the aforementioned problems, some approaches should be administered. The first measure is that restaurants should make their customers think twice about what dishes they are going to order. This can be done by imposing a heavy fine on diners who order too many dishes but can not finish them. Therefore, people would have to consider carefully before they order any meals. The second method is that hotel owners should reduce the quantity of food being served to customers. Nearly 50% of food wasted, which can be reduced at restaurants if the quantity of served food is decreased by 20% than its current quantity, is a case in point. As a consequence, people can order as many dishes as they want without worrying about any wastage.
In conclusion, it is evident that people nowadays waste a ton of food purchased from stores and restaurants. There are some justifications for this phenomenon, and some feasible solutions should be deployed to deal with this.

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