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Đề: Some people think young people should follow the traditions of their society. Others think that they should be free to behave as individuals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Young people’s lifestyles are of discussion nowadays. Some people believe that they should follow the traditional values of their society, while others argue that they should behave freely as individuals. This essay will give insights into both arguments, and justify why I agree with this idea partially.

One justification why the young should be free to behave as individuals is that they have the right of freedom. Everyone just lives once, hence they should be allowed to do what they want to not waste their lifetime. For example, Asian countries have not yet been receptive to girls having piercings and tattoos; however, these girls are gradually getting more, especially students, because they believe those accessories make them look more attractive. If only people do not outlaw, they should be able to behave freely as individuals. Even if they misbehaved, they would have to be responsible for their consequences and learn from mistakes. Therefore, young people should be free to behave due to their right of freedom.

However, there is one major argument why following the traditions of society is still necessary. In the globalization era, core values of a community are easily assimilated once the country loses its culture for integration. It is undeniable that each society has its unique feature thanks to traditions; thus, in order to avoid assimilation and retain identity, young people should be aware of preserving customs. For instance, in Vietnamese society, families are regarded as the utmost priority, in which children have to take care of their parents. If this convention disappeared, children would only care for themselves, and Vietnam would probably lose its collectivism and convert into individualism, which is similar with Western nations. Hence, young people should be responsible forin following their society’s traditions in order to maintain its unique cultural values.

In conclusion, I agree partially with the statement that people should follow their society’s traditions or behave freely. However, It is my firm conviction that young people should have the right of freedom, but following the traditions is also essential in order to retain the culture.

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