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Healthcare should not be provided for free regardless of a person’s income. The health of a person is in their own hands and they should, therefore, be held accountable for that. Do you agree with this opinion?


In recent years, we have experienced a considerable growth in people’ health awareness, being considered as a positive sign and healthcare has become an indispensable part of their happy life. While it is thought that the authority had better not supply complimentary health survices to any social classes because of a reason that everybody has to take responsibilites to their own health by paying fees for those survices, I completely disagree with this opinion and will give my reasons below:

First of all, it is undeniable that each individual has the rights to live and enjoy themselves. In fact, however, there is still a variety of citizens who just get extremely low-paid jobs or even more being unemployed and most of them are unable to earn enough money to afford daily meals let alone relaxing activities or health survices. Take a poor family as an example, offsprings cannot go to school, cannot have regular check-ups if their parents are not rolling in money. Morever, in case every medical insurances are over the budget, the elderly suffering from serious health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes cannot get involved in health testing programs because of not having a pension. Therefore, it is advisable for governments to provide residents with basic healthcare in order to grow up average life expectancy which is one of the most necessary factors to confirm whether a country has been developing or not.

On the other hand, taking part in advanced survices such as massage, sauna, acupuncture… should not be offered free since without them, actually, we still can take advantages of other activities like having a balanced diet or doing vigorous excercises to enhance our both physical and mental health. Besides, several people deciding to choose those kinds of healthcare probably have the ability to afford high extra costs. In addition, the rich tends to call for extravagent meals, comfortable beds or high-tech digital televisions, which sometimes are particularly difficult to supply during the period of time they under their treatments. All of similar demands, I suppose, should be paid, too.

In conclusion, although the health status of each resident depends upon themselves and they must be responsile for it, I believe that basic health survices had better be provided for the whole community to make a significant contribution to our society’s development.


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