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Premier League: Data model predicts final table for the 2019/20 season

Liverpool are set lớn secure the all-time English top-flight record points tally this season, according to a new prediction model- According lớn the soccer tips page!


StatsPerform's ai team have created a model that works out what the final Premier League standings will be based on the probability of the remaining fixtures.

Football across Europe has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and matches will not resume until April 30 at the earliest.

The pause came with Liverpool on the verge of ending their 30-year wait for a domestic title, and they could have secured it without kicking another ball if Manchester City lost to both Arsenal and Burnley.

However, they are fancied to get their hands on the trophy with a huge points tally. Their 101 would set a new English record and beat the 100-point total that Pep Guardiola's City posted in 2018.

The model has City finishing in second by a distance but also find themselves well clear of Leicester in third. Chelsea are also tipped lớn hold onto their top-four spot. You can prefer the under 2.5 soccer tip page!

At the other end, Watford would survive but goal difference would separate them and Bournemouth, who made a return to the Sky Bet Championship, along with Aston Villa and bottom club Norwich.

But what else did the model predict? Here is the full Premier League table with an explanation of the key findings.


How does the model work?

  • The model estimates the probability of each match outcome (win, draw or loss) given each team's attacking and defensive quality.

  • The team’s attacking and defensive qualities are based on four years of historic results, with more weighting given to their most recent results.

  • The model will take into account the quality of the opposition that a team scores or concedes against and reward them accordingly.

  • StatsPerform states that they can simulate the upcoming matches using goal predictions from the Poisson distribution with the two teams’ attacking and defending qualities as inputs.

  • StatsPerform simulated the outcome of the season 10,000 times in order lớn estimate the likelihood of each team finishing in each league position.

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.ss Europe has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and matches will not resume un...

Feedback: Possible spelling mistake found

Error type: Possible Typo

Suggestion: corona virus


4. You wrote: ...and Burnley. However, they are fancied to get their hands on the trophy with a huge p...

Feedback: You have used a to + infinitive where a gerund is usually needed. Did you mean "fancied getting"?

Error type: Gerund error

Suggestion: fancied getting


5. You wrote: ...t their hands on the trophy with a huge points tally. Their 101 would set a new Englis...

Feedback: Don't use indefinite articles with plural words. Did you mean "a huge point" or simply the plural without the article "huge points"?

Error type: Article error

Suggestion: a huge point, huge points


6. You wrote: ... by a distance but also find themselves well clear of Leicester in third. Chelsea are also...

Feedback: These two words are usually written together with a hyphen. Did you mean "well-clear"?

Error type: Possessive apostrophe error

Suggestion: well-clear


7. You wrote: ...ll clear of Leicester in third. Chelsea are also tipped lớn hold onto their top-fou...

Feedback: Make sure that your verb is conjugated for your third person singular subject "Chelsea". Did you mean "Chelsea is"? (va20)

Error type: Verb agreement error

Suggestion: Chelsea is


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