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Governments in developing countries can best improve people’ s quality of life by introducing new technology. However, others believe that free education should be offered for all. Discuss both views and give your opinion


People have different views about government policies to raise the standard of living for all citizens in underdeveloped countries. While some people believe that massive investment in new technologies is the most efficient method to for this issue, I am convinced that a free education system can bring more substantial benefits to society as a whole.

On the one hand, there are those who argue that the best measure to improve the quality of life is applying modern technology. Firstly, science and technology, without doubt, play a pivotal role in increasing the productivity. For example, the introduction of genetic engineering enables crops to grow more quickly and be more resistant to insects and diseases, meaning that the farmers can yield richer harvests than before. Secondly, some advances in medical technology increase not only the standard of living but also life expectancy. For instance, the invention of vaccines can prevent much dangerous illness, or many fatal diseases, such as cancer,  can now be curable if the patients are treated early.

On the other hand, I side with those who contend that a free education system is more critical when it comes to improving life quality in the third world. At its simplest, open access to educational resources provides more employment opportunities to citizens. In some rural areas, where many people cannot afford high education, this policy would help them to develop themselves and escape from their unpleasant situation.  In addition, it is undeniable that a decrease in unemployment level will lead to a fall in crime figures, which means that people can enjoy their life without worrying about potential dangers around them.

In conclusion, while applications of new technologies are obviously significant, I hold the view that free education tends to play a more important role in increasing the standard of living in developing countries

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