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[TOPIC] Some people believe that educating children altogether will benefit them. Others think intelligent children should be taught separately and given special courses. DISCUSS BOTH VIEW

[ESSAY] In this day and age, an increasing number of people are concerned about the organizing of teaching and learning. While there are benefits to grouping children regardless of levels together, there are also good reasons why it might be beneficial to classify the talented in a group and have gifted education programs for these subjects.

The option to teach schoolchildren in mutual curriculums is advantageous for some reasons. Not only will it pose impartiality between members but also produce essential competitions that motivate individuals to study more intensively. By doing so, there will appear more and more outstanding students in the class. Besides, those who attend casual classrooms are likely to obtain more diversified knowledge as teachers consider every subject to be equally important, as opposed to gifted classes which primarily give top priority to specific areas that contribute to strengthening pupils' innate abilities.

On the other hand, we cannot deny that mixed-level classes might circumscribe the development opportunities of people who are more superior than the others. Basic lessons sometimes prove boring as they can easily perceive in a short time. For those reasons, to nurture the God-given potential, a particular syllabus designed for remarkable boys and girls is vitally necessary. In the future, this force may be of great impacts on the prosperity of the country, not to mention some can even change the world.

In summary, considering both sides, it is clear that there is value in both approaches. School coupled with parents should create good conditions for future generations to develop in terms of constitution and cognition, also discover and nourish unique competencies.
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