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đề: you would like to borrow a book from your friend. Write an email to your friend. In your email, you should:

1. tell your friend which book you would like to borrow

2. explain why you need to borrow this book

3. say how long you need the book for.

Dear charlie,
It's been a long time since I last wrote an email to you. How is it going? I hope your everything goes well.

I am writing to ask you whether can you lend me some books or not. I am learning English in my school and my teacher assigned us some writing tasks in that book last week. However, I could not find mine anywhere and I can only go to buy a new one next week, so I would like to borrow your grammar books and others.
I haven't read book for a long time, so as you know, I am a bookworm and extremely keen on discovering, I need you lend me some self-help books which can help me find out the fun after school as well as widen my horizons. On the other hand, it's a chance for me to provide extra information to finish my homework on time.

Since I need them to service for my assignment and my relaxing, I only borrow them for a short time, about five days. I will return the books to you on Friday.

well, that's all my news. I'd better end now because I have to get back to study. And if you want to ask any further information, just contact me.

Have a nice day! Best regards,
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