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The line graph illustrates the proportion of the British using the latest devices, namely CD players, cell phones, desktop PC, and the Internet between 1996 and 2003.

Overall, the most striking feature of the graph is that the figure for all of the newest technology witnessed an upward trend over the period shown. In addition, CD players made up the most significant share while the least was the Internet.

Initially, about 60% of the population in the United Kingdom used CD players, followed by desktop PC at roughly 25%. This figure continued rising steadily and finally finished at 80% in 2003. Likewise, with a rapid pace, the figure for Internet access nearly doubled from 15% in 1998 to 30% in 2000/2001 and reached its highest point at  40% in the final year. Besides, cell phones held a share of under 20% in 1998 and increased gradually to over 60% in 2003.

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