Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction. Do you agree or disagree?
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For the time being, in this fast-paced society where money receives excessive adoration, it is widely believed that money should be considered as the top priority when it comes to applying for a job vacancy. On being offered one position, a lot of people might turn down on account of poor salary. However, for my money, it is not the matter of income to sleep on but the satisfaction and interest in a job.

   To begin with, people whose complacent for career are likely to generate higher productivity. Indeed, that we are working on the fields worth our time apparently creates a positive feeling and energetic manners. Moreover, when you are working hard enough, which is possibly noticeable to your manager, being well-paid will come as a consequence. For instance, many researchers and scientists will become eager beavers because of their passion for the areas that seem to be academically daunting.

   Secondly, your desire for the job regardless of how much you are paid is the key thing enable you to outperform others in the long run. This can give you the motivation to try your best in everything appeals to you. Take Albert Einstein for example, with the unlimited enthusiasm about physics, he overpassed his contemporary colleagues to lead the top ranks of the greatest physicians throughout the history.

   In conclusion, for the reasons of productivity and outperformance, I strongly agree with someone saying that they prefer job satisfaction to big money.
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