The chart gives information on the percentage of women going countries for the years 1980 and 2015.
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The bar graph reveals statistics about the rate of females entering further education, namely the UK, the US, Australia, South Korea, and France during 1980 and 2015. Overall, Australian women were the most likely to enter higher education, whereas most South Korean women refused to enroll in tertiary education.

In 1980, Australia had a dominant proportion of females registering for further education, which accounted for approximately 58% of their total female citizens. This was followed by France, which attracted 50%. The proportion of women going into higher education in the USA is approximately 39%. The countries that have the lowest number of female students who enroll in higher education are the UK and South Korea, which accounted for about 35% and only 15%, respectively.

In 2015, Australia and the USA commanded a share of the highest number of women furthering their education, which accounted for approximately 58%. Next, the UK followed the two previous countries by 55% of their total female civilians. The country that had the third highest proportion of women with college education was France, with a proportion of 44%, which is very close to the UK. South Korea, once again, has the lowest percentage of females enrolled in higher education, at 30%.

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