your definition of success and your taking action (mọi người giúp mình sửa ạ)
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In life, people still wish each other success, so have you ever defined yourself as success? Because the success of one person, for another, is just one of the first steps.
It is undeniable that people are always trying to be able to achieve certain successes in life. It is difficult to give an exact definition of success. Because as mentioned above, success depends on each person's self.
Some people set success as having to do something great, but there are people who just put the level of success on a lower level, which is easier to achieve. We can understand success simply that we can live a little better each day than we did yesterday.
When you feel you are bad at writing and you soon realize it. You are determined to be able to study English well, this line only spends a few minutes reading documents related to English, or in classes with English subjects, you pay more attention and give your opinions. . You will be guided by the teacher and give you good orientation.
There is an interaction with the teacher giving opinions and more importantly, he has trained himself in the habit of writing short introductions and then writing good expressions. And so every day that passes suddenly, you will find that studying literature is not difficult at all, you will also be tempered in the process of trying to practice. In the semester exam, your score in literature will improve the most. And that's how you succeeded.
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