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From the past until now, books have always played an important role in our life. Reading books has many advantages. Firstly, it helps broaden our knowledge in various fields such as economy,science-technology and so on. Moreover, books contain a huge source of information and materials. People can use them to prepare for working or for learning. Secondly, reading books increases a lot of skills and abilities. It requires our brain diagnose and digest information. Gradually, people can boost their critical-thinking as well as improve both IQ and EQ. In addition, people are able to practise patience and comprehension skill. Last but not least, reading books is one form of entertainment. People can read books to let off steam and relieve stress. If someone have an interest in different kinds of books, they will indulge in a new exotic world opened in books. Besides, choosing aopropriate books is necessary. People should select and categorize books to read effectively. In conclusion, due to the benefits of reading books, it is highly recommended everybody to read suitale books everyday.
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