(opinion essay) Children should be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
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  In this day and age, parents raise their children in the hope that during old age, their kids will look after them. When a child grows up, many parents expect to be helped in day-to-day family tasks. In my view, I strongly agree that adolescents should assist in homely tasks for the following reasons.

  To begin with, performing household chores plays a pivotal role in improving the child's independence in the future. In other words, teenagers should be aware of tidy-up tasks and cooking tasks to self-nurture better. Moreover, learning to do the housework will prepare them for their adult life that they can take the initiative in their workplace. For example, a statistic by Queen’s University showed that 65% of students who join in household tasks were the leaders of some social groups plus attained several satisfactory academic results in 2005. Thus, children who contribute to homely work can provide themselves easier access to attain self-reliance plus reduce the burden on their family.

  Another reason is that involving the children in household tasks plays a vital part in constructing a healthy lifestyle. To illustrate, washing dishes can be a reasonable way to burn considerable calories since children tend to live sedentary lifestyles – sticking their eyes on the technical devices for a long time. Furthermore, when adolescents spend time doing domestic chores, they can also communicate gradually with their relatives as well as be more active in their life. For instance, according to the Japanese newspaper in 2011, 68% of teens in Japan have been advised to do household chores to prevent obesity and other serious diseases related to weight. Hence, these are small tasks that will be a sustainable foundation for the kids when it comes to building up an acceptable fitness for children nowadays.

  In brief, taking part in household tasks equips children with independence, self-confidence, and attentive persons who respect their parents.




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